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How it works


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A new employee joins your company and you need to do a background verification

Step 1

Step 2

You raise an employment verification request for the new employee via WorkVerify from your HRMS

Step 3

WorkVerify checks the network to verify the employee's past employment records and a report is generated for you

Transparent Process

The employee will be notified via email both before and after the verification request

Step 1

You (or your HR team) get a notification to verify the employment record/background of an ex-employee

WorkVerify on your HRMS automatically verifies on your behalf with the pre-filled details of the ex-employee's tenure and designation

Manual Mode

You can just click on “Approve” to respond to incoming verification requests without searching for past records


Automate the process by disabling "Manual Review Mode" on WorkVerify and save a lot of time!

Step 2

Is WorkVerify already enabled for you?

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